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Our full range of services include:

Marketing, Leasing, Applicant screening, Showings, Rent-ready services, Maintenance and repairs, Heat & plumbing issues, Managing tenant needs, Rent collection, Lease enforcement, Owner reporting and Trust accounting.


Two options of rent collection:

  • We deposit checks into a mutual account, pay bills to any vendors hired to do work at the property.  At the end of the year you will get a spreadsheet outlining how everything was allocated.

  • We deposit checks into your account and you manage the bookkeeping.


View of Mt. Wantastiquet, Brattleboro

Managing your property means:

  • We will take all calls 24/7 relating to any emergency or non emergency concern from tenants.

  • We will hire experienced vendors/professionals to make repairs to the property.

  • We have subcontractors that work for us. We’ll put together the least expensive solution to whatever problems arise.

Our fee for these services are 10% of the monthly rent.

We work hard to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction experience in Southern Vermont.

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80 Flat Street #4
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Bob Lyons
Property Management


Kathleen Hawes
Rental Agent

Jennifer Jordan
Property Management


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